Telepathic Bigfoot Research

Telepathic Bigfoot research is laughable to many Bigfoot researchers. They want to get solid scientific PROOF that Bigfoot exists and don’t see the connection to exploration of telepathy. There are many scientists specializing in the study of telepathy. Do you see the correlation there? The POSSIBILITIES?

There are many non-telepathic Bigfoot researchers on the job, trying to get that physical proof. The Bigfoot research scene resembles a huge tumble-jumble of people racing to be the one great almighty Bigfoot researcher with a gold star, who will go down in history as the discoverer of the Sasquatch species.

Clear Creek, Near Happy Camp

Clear Creek, Near Happy Camp

Good luck, folks.

I took a huge step back from the crowd a long time ago, and decided to focus on my major interest in Bigfoot research, which is communication, starting with but not limited to telepathy. Sorry if it bothers you that I’ve decided to listen to the music of a different drummer, but I can only be me, and I like what I’m doing with telepathy.

Recently I mentioned this on my other blog, Bigfoot Sightings, in an article titled It Has Been Proven That We’re All Psychic, and This Can Be Applied to Bigfoot Research. In comments a friend (Steven) wrote, “Evidence that it is not all in one’s mind is crucial.” Though it is true that a scientific approach is necessary, and vital, and that hard evidence is needed, I see telepathy as being a means to that end.

For years Bigfoot researchers have been trying to reach Bigfoot by tromping through the forest, knocking on trees, and playing prerecorded Bigfoot screams. Unfortunately these methods haven’t been fruitful. When a Bigfoot hears Bigfoot researchers coming through the forest its instincts tell it to hide. If they do a mind probe, if they are in fact capable of that, they know that these people have Bigfoot on the mind. That would immediately set up the vibration of fear and suspicion. What telepathy can do is to head fear off at the pass. It can be the pre-contact communication that lets a Bigfoot know we mean no harm, if in fact you mean no harm. If you did mean harm, the telepathic Bigfoot would pick up that vibe.

By pre-contact communication I mean that we could silently reach within in meditation to that One Self that can clearly communicate with any other being’s One Self. The One Self is all of us. Together. Some of us are consciously aware of that and many others aren’t. People cut themselves off from psychic awareness for many reasons, including early childhood conditioning to believe we are all separate – that’s the ego-mind.

There are three levels of consciousness. [I thank Wayne Dyer for this explanation.] The first, lowest level of consciousness is the ego based mind. This is the thinking that we are separate, that we are our bodies, and that we must compete with one another. This is where I believe many if not most Bigfoot researchers are coming from. There is so much competition and ego in the Bigfoot research community, what else would anyone think? Too many people want to be #1 either as the discoverer of Bigfoot or as the greatest Bigfoot blogger or author ever, or as the most respected leader of a Bigfoot research organization. Thus we have competitiveness, disorganization, and a lack of genuine love.

The second level of consciousness is group consciousness, wherein we identify ourselves by the groups we belong to. Friends of Sasquatch. BFRO. American Bigfoot Society. And others.

The third level of consciousness is where we get to real oneness. Wayne Dyer calls it “Mystical Consciousness.” In this condition we see every human being as the unfolding of Divine Spirit. We are connected to our own Higher Selves. We can communicate with the Higher Selves of others.

I believe Sasquatches are closer to that condition than human beings are because they are not distracted by electronica – the computers, iPhones, televisions, cars, the chaotic hustle-bustle of human existence. City streets. Telephones. And the list goes on. Rather than face a confusing civilization they live in the forest, probably in caves, and they have PEACE.

Peace gives birth to peace of mind, and in the stillness you can listen to the whisperings of the Spirit.

What Can Telepathic Bigfoot Research Do For You?

If you’re not telepathic, you might want to team up with someone who is. Having a psychic at your side could help you go in the right direction to actually have a sighting. I can stand in the woods and with my sixth sense, determine the most likely areas to find them. You could do that too, if you were to refine your character and habits, and start meditating. We are all capable of being psychic. As with anything else in life, it just depends on where we want to go, and what we choose to do.

A psychic can contact a nearby Bigfoot and ask for a face-to-face meeting. I will be honest, the most likely answer to that is “no”. But it doesn’t hurt to ask. As with habituation, it is better to create an ongoing communication telepathically before physical contact is attempted. The purpose is to promote trust and a mutually agreed upon meeting experience.

Why Bigfoot Should Refuse To Meet With Us

I believe it is better for Sasquatches to maintain their distance. Human beings could spread diseases to them. I am one of many Americans who still remember the demise of this continent’s native cultures due to diseases they were not able to fight off. I don’t want that to happen to Sasquatches. I know many Bigfoot researchers don’t care about the possible devastation that our interference could cause. Maybe Sasquatches have the right idea. Humans can be dangerous and should be avoided. Think about that before you try to get too close to one.

How To Get Involved in Telepathic Bigfoot Research

Awakening Your Psychic Powers: Open Your Inner Mind And Control Your Psychic Intuition Today

If you want to start investigating Bigfoot via telepathic means you will have to do it on your own. There are no workshops or classes for this. Development of psychic ability is something that is done quietly, by listening. Get some good books on psychic development. Experiment with your accuracy ratio. Meditate. Before long you’ll be able to discern the unspoken, unheard words that exist beyond the chatter of your own mind.

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