Friends of Sasquatch in Transition

Hello… to all those who follow this site. In the past I haven’t posted here often, and so I offer this brief message to catch everyone up to date on changes for this website.

Bigfoot Forest Life
Bigfoot Forest Life (This is from my sketchbook.)

My Friends of Sasquatch partnership ended last year. There were many reasons for this change, but germane to the topic of this website, I felt my partner was holding me back from research progress and development. The help he originally intended to offer to this area of research never came through.

I considered deleting the site, but I know the topic of communication with Bigfoot continues to be of interest to many of us, so the site will continue and probably prosper due to the breaking of the tie that held me back.

I’ve watched the pursuit of information about Bigfoot by many researchers for nine years now. Sometimes it is informational, sometimes comical, and sometimes pathetic and ego-ridden. Occasionally there’s an effective effort and they are definitely worth studying, especially if you’ve had a Bigfoot encounter and want to know more about what you saw.

Sifting through the information offered could be a full-time job, and few of us are focused enough to make that kind of effort. I am giving this site one afternoon weekly, and will start by seeking out and reporting on current efforts at communication with Bigfoot… whether that communication is audible or subtle.

I am currently grounded, without transportation, so my study will be in-office and not in the field until I’m blessed with another worthy vehicle.

Linda Martin
Bigfoot Researcher at Bigfoot Sightings and Friends of Sasquatch.