What Is a Friend of Sasquatch?

Friends of Sasquatch are Sasquatch-friendly human beings who believe in helping Sasquatches develop contact without any threat to them.

Patty, from the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film at Bluff Creek
Patty, from the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film at Bluff Creek
The world of the forest is getting smaller. Already Sasquatches have been forced back into what’s left of our forested areas. They need many more miles of room to roam than the average human, but as the years go by their available acreage has become less.

Thankfully there are some lovely wilderness areas kept as sanctuaries for them, but in many areas they don’t have access to hundreds of acres of forested land. The human world expands with roads, commercial buildings, and housing developments, but the Sasquatch world becomes smaller.

As we force them into less area they will inevitably have more contact with the human world. We at Friends of Sasquatch are developing means for them to interact with us without fear, without threat, without imminent termination, without any reason to be hesitant to join us as brothers and sisters, for there is no doubt that the worlds of Sasquatches and humans will collide unless for some reason Mother Earth decides she’s had enough of the human mega-urban-sprawl we’re inflicting on her and on millions of forest animals.

Sasquatches are wise and capable of communication, but we haven’t given them a chance to speak forth. They’ve learned that humans carry guns, that humans are frightened when they see Sasquatches, that humans draw their guns and fire. Who can blame Sasquatches for not wanting to know humans better? Yet they sit in the forest and peacefully watch the steady encroachment of human culture and have often had to move their homes to make room for humans who would not go away.

We humans alone are responsible for that fear they’ve learned and harbored for decades now, since white men came to North America with their fire power and take-over attitudes. So, if you are a Sasquatch loving human being, if you are a friend to Sasquatch, you too can learn techniques for communication. These start with development of psychic powers and abilities.

Yes, we have to be able to communicate with them on common ground. We have to be able to tell them what we’re wanting to communicate with them for, and to listen to them, for their concerns are far different than ours. They are very concerned about how frightened human beings are of them. They don’t want to be confronted with frightened humans – the ones that draw guns and fire. They are willing, often, to communicate with us if we’re gentle and sincere, but they recognize that not all human beings can do that.

Many human beings have ulterior motives and they can sense that, reading our thoughts and intentions. If it is our intention to harm them, they will know. If it is our intention to get photographs to make money, they will know that we’re planning to use and abuse them. They will know that we may give away the information about their location and that even one contact with a human being could cause them to change their lifestyles, to have to move, to have to hide.

They know us for what we are.

The way to get around this is to purify ourselves and our motives. We have to have pure hearts to approach Sasquatches, to truly be their friends. We need to be able to go into the forest unafraid, to be available for them to approach us, to initiate the contact via psychic communication, to let them know we are there as Friends of Sasquatch and not as manipulators, users, or fiends.

To be a Friend of Sasquatch means truly being a friend: one who cares about the other’s well-being as much or more than we care about our own.